Some say that golf is not a sport. I agree. Because golf is a lifestyle! I live golf, breathe golf, and I want to pass on my passion to you. 

Who am I?

My name is Kate Floss. I am a former golf national player, current PGA Professional, and certified yoga instructor with a completed Yoga Alliance course. My mission is to provide an extraordinary experience for both golfers and non-golfers. Through my golf and yoga workshops and retreats, I aim to encourage people to adopt healthier and happier lifestyles. Together, we achieve this through physical activity, personal development, mindfulness, and building social connections.

I have been fascinated by golf since the age of 11. My father, a former tennis coach, introduced me to the sport and accompanied me during long training hours. My passion for golf grew rapidly. Born and raised in Poland, I started participating in international competitions at the age of 14, allowing me to explore the world and expand my horizons.

Education and Career

To further enhance my knowledge and skills, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Golf Management at Bournemouth University in the UK. During my studies, I spent two semesters abroad focusing on Sports Management and International Business in Heidelberg and Cologne. After graduation, I decided to play golf professionally. This decision provided me with the opportunity to use golf as a platform for a healthier and better life. After my studies, I moved to Germany and started coaching. At the Heitlinger Golf Resort, I found my ideal base surrounded by vineyards and untouched nature, inspiring me daily to develop new ideas.

The Role of Yoga

Yoga has been with me for a long time and has helped me keep my body strong and fit. It supports a focused mind and helps me succeed in various situations. Yoga also provides balance during challenging times. Therefore, I consciously integrate yoga into my golf lessons and emphasize that golf is much more than just the technique of the right golf swing. My training sessions, classes, and retreats highlight the holistic aspects of golf and demonstrate how golf and yoga can contribute to promoting physical fitness, health, nature experiences, social relationships, and mental well-being.

My Vision

My greatest drive is to share the passion for golf and yoga with others and introduce them to the tools for a healthier and happier life. I firmly believe that both forms of movement can wonderfully support people in their lives.