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Experience physical and mental balance with golf and yoga, where your well-being is priority.

Benefit from personal coaching, transformative group experiences, and tailored well-being services.

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Discover how golf and yoga harmonize perfectly to enhance your lifestyle.

Are you passionate about physical activity and seeking the rewards of a healthy living? At GOLFAIR, we focus on your overall growth through wellness and fostering connections. Our programs cater to golf enthusiasts and newcomers alike, offering a life-changing experience through golf and yoga.

Holistic approach

Our unique blend of golf and yoga not only enhances your physical prowess but also nurtures inner serenity and harmony. We emphasize the importance of achieving a balance between mind and body. Our methods strengthen the body, promote flexibility and stability, and support mental health. This way, you can not only perform better on the golf course but also in your everyday life. 

Golf and Yoga: A Time for Relaxation

Step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Immerse yourself in our delightful golf and yoga retreats to unwind and experience profound relaxation. Embrace the beauty of movement, nature, and community, while we ensure your peace of mind.

Embark on a Journey

Indulge in a rejuvenating escape at our Golf & Yoga events, where vitality and fulfillment await your presence. Let us guide you towards a path of rejuvenation and joy.

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One day event allowing you to try a combination of golf & yoga. It’s a short get away, a rewind allowing you to spend time with a great group of people enjoying the nature, while learning new skills. Discover the perfect balance of activity and tranquility. Ideal for the curious and beginners alike.



Our 5-7-day retreats combine an active holiday with relaxed wellness offerings. Experience personalized golf and yoga training combined with healthy nutrition. For greater inner peace and improved physical health. 



Experience customized golf and yoga coaching in individual sessions, group classes, or intense golf camps. Benefit from a holistic approach that enhances your golfing skills.



Whether you are looking for a one-week break or a short getaway, we will find the best solution for you. Together, we will create an individual or group program incorporating the best of yoga, golf, and wellness.



Being a Pilates teacher myself, I unterstand how difficult it can be at times to teach clients with different needs, range of motions or even ambitions and styles of how they aquire a new skills. Kate has a gift for teaching. She easily grasps a problem that one have and she’s always explained it to me using words and movements, so I could understand, but also feel it better.

Her training is always – with no exception – useful and gives me another level of understanding my game more on many different levels.

When necessary she takes her time and teaches the same specific motion or swing detail over and over again by using different appoaches or a variety of exercises. To me her practice drills for specific motions were often enlightening.

She also braught a new perspective to my game by simply changing my focus. Epecially her prep talks before golf tournaments were useful and reassuring.

But the best thing about Kate: She is always a lot of fun and certainly brings it into her lessons!


I enjoyed each and every training session

After around two years under Kate's excellent coaching , I just want to pass on that I have really enjoyed each and every training session! Kate has that instructional gift to be able to emphasize exactly what is needed to correct or improve my game ! The time is well structured, she explains things very well, using different coaching techniques, relaxing atmosphere and always a follow up at the end to see that her points have been understood! I can only highly recommend it!


Over the last 1,5 years Kate has provided me with excellent coaching. Her passion for golf is truly inspiring, and it reflects in every aspect of her coaching: physically, mentally, emotionally and of course the swing mechanics.

I am particularly grateful for the systematic physical and mental approach to the game. Kate's guidance has not only improved my swing and technique but also helped me develop a stronger mental game. Her emphasis on mindfulness and focus has been instrumental in boosting my confidence on the course. I also like Kate's unique approach of incorporating back and hip workouts with Yoga into our training sessions. Since December I feel that this helped me improve my flexibility and strength. I also know that it helps me to prevent any potential injuries.

Lastly, Kate's expertise in course management has been invaluable. The strategies and tips she's sharing on the course have helped me navigate the challenges of the course more effectively. I feel more confident in my decision-making skills and at least I think that I have seen a noticeable improvement in my overall performance.

Thank you once again, Kate. I am looking forward to further improvements in 2024! And: stay patient with me as always :-)



The combination of golf and yoga provides comprehensive training for the body and mind


The combination of golf and yoga provides comprehensive training for the body and mind. Yoga techniques enhance focus and precision on the golf course.


Yoga supports muscle recovery and relaxation, ideal for regular golfers.


Both activities promote a sense of community and bring like-minded individuals together.


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Experience exceptional golf experiences with GOLFAIR, creating a harmonious blend of golf, yoga, and wellbeing. Our exclusive offerings cater not only to passionate golfers but also to those interested in learning this fascinating game. Immerse yourself in untouched nature and the picturesque landscapes of top-tier golf courses. Here, you have the opportunity to escape from everyday life, indulge yourself, and savor moments of deep peace and relaxation. We look forward to hearing from you. Simply contact us using the options below, and we will get back to you promptly.


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