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Get to know golf in a new way! Our offers are aimed at golf lovers and everyone who wants to become one. Experience golf on a completely new level, combined with wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Golfair Travel would like to support you in living a healthy life and learning a wonderful sport that is suitable for all ages. Escape everyday life with us.

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Extraordinary golf

GolfAir Travel offers exceptional golf retreats combined with yoga, overall wellbeing, green cuisine and physical activity. Surrounded by untouched nature and beautiful landscapes, you have the opportunity to escape from everyday life and enjoy a moment of peace.

We'll take care of it

Continue your golf journey with us in a special way or experience golf for the first time. Do something for yourself and let us take care of everything else.

Health & Well-being

The retreats focus on health and wellbeing and improving your everyday life. We want to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and take a break from the pace of everyday life.

Did you know?

"An 18-hole round involves a 5-mile walk and a lot of arm exercises along the way, burning somewhere on the order of 1400 to 1500 calories."

Escape the regular day!

Join us on a journey towards vitality and fulfillment


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One day event allowing you to try a combination of golf & yoga. It’s a short get away, a rewind allowing you to spend time with a great group of people and be in the nature, while learning new skills.


The Ladies Only Golf & Yoga Retreats combine golf, yoga, healthy cuisine, SPA & wellness treatments. All of this set in stunning, tranquil locations, carefully chosen, so You can feel pampered.


Regardless of your skill level I will help you to learn or improve your golf skills. Choose between individual or group lessons, intense golf camps or other coaching options.


Are you seeking a week-long golf & yoga retreat or a shorter getaway? We can find the best solution for you. Contact us now to embark on the start of your exciting journey towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle through golf & yoga.


Being a Pilates teacher myself, I unterstand how difficult it can be at times to teach clients with different needs, range of motions or even ambitions and styles of how they aquire a new skills. Kate has a gift for teaching. She easily grasps a problem that one have and she’s always explained it to me using words and movements, so I could understand, but also feel it better.

Her training is always – with no exception – useful and gives me another level of understanding my game more on many different levels.

When necessary she takes her time and teaches the same specific motion or swing detail over and over again by using different appoaches or a variety of exercises. To me her practice drills for specific motions were often enlightening.

She also braught a new perspective to my game by simply changing my focus. Epecially her prep talks before golf tournaments were useful and reassuring.

But the best thing about Kate: She is always a lot of fun and certainly brings it into her lessons!


I enjoyed each and every training session

After around two years under Kate's excellent coaching , I just want to pass on that I have really enjoyed each and every training session! Kate has that instructional gift to be able to emphasize exactly what is needed to correct or improve my game ! The time is well structured, she explains things very well, using different coaching techniques, relaxing atmosphere and always a follow up at the end to see that her points have been understood! I can only highly recommend it!


Golf can add 5 years to your life

During a round of golf we’re burning between 1000-1500 kcal

The number 108 is considered sacred

Steps during 1 round of golf


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Experience the ultimate fusion of golf, yoga, and wellbeing with GOLFAIR. Our bespoke golf and yoga events are designed to immerse you in the natural beauty of untouched landscapes while providing a sanctuary to rejuvenate and find tranquility. Whether you're an avid golfer or looking to embrace the sport, our offerings cater to all who seek a healthier, balanced lifestyle. At GOLFAIR, we are dedicated to guiding and supporting you on your journey towards wellness through the transformative power of golf and yoga. Our mission is to inspire positive lifestyle changes and foster holistic wellbeing in a serene and invigorating setting.


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